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Learn the strategic approach to marketing to elevate your brand (and career) in just 4 weeks!

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Marketing Executives

Learn to transform your marketing mindset from execution-based to strategy-led.

Senior Marketers

Enrich your experience with industry best practices and learn from marketing science.

L & D Managers

Instil rigour, marketing science, and industry best practices into your marketing teams.

Career Switchers

Make a smooth transition to marketing from related industries (e.g. research, advertising, media, PR).

What you’ll learn

Strategic Marketing Must-knows

Review the essential terminology and tools for analysis that form the foundation for strategic marketing across all aspects of the marketing mix.

Diagnosis – Tracking and Analysis

Find out how to conduct your regular marketing analysis in a thorough and output focused manner, and how to determine your effectiveness-led KPIs.

Recognising Good & Bad Strategy

Learn the essence and steps involved in marketing strategy through proven examples and frameworks used for decades by industry leaders.


Marketing Mix 1 - Pricing Deep Dive

Go deep into the more fundamental levels of the marketing mix - starting with pricing strategy and how to improve your pricing approach.

Marketing Mix 2 - Distribution Deep Dive

Learn to develop a better understanding of the complexity around distribution, and how to measure, evaluate, and manage the distribution challenge.

Marketing Mix 3 - New Product Development

Get to know the process of new product development, its limitations and ways to do it well as well as lessons from marketing science.

Media An Integrated Approach

Discover the key measures that matter and what makes them so critical, and the most recent learnings from within media that help make planning more predictable.

Evidence-Based Decision Tree

This module brings together all the learnings from the entire course. We go step-by-step from how to classify your brand and set objectives, to evaluating its performance and what decisions to make in various situations.

Learn from real-world examples

Designed by marketing professionals with input from senior industry leaders.

Get 2 x 45 mins guide sessions

Discuss your goals, challenges and growth plans with me

Evolve your career

Transform from a marketer who executes to one who strategizes.


Estimated course duration : 4 weeks
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Course Format



  • 8 modules - 45 lessons  

  • Downloadable course materials 

  • Certificate upon course completion  

  • Pre-recorded content, learn at your own pace

  • Final exam (multiple choice questions) 

  • Course content fully accessible for 120 days

Take their word for it!

Puja Agarwal

Lecturer of Marketing, Hamburg School of Business Administration

 "It's like all core and elective Marketing MBA courses packed into one! - Comprehensive, holistic, backed with both scientific findings and years of industry experience. This course ensures that your marketing understanding is backed by solid, effective strategy linked to your business goals, instead of just focusing on day-to-day tactical decisions like ad campaign optimization."

Prince Thomas

Head of Marketing,

"For all marketers starting their careers when there is a growing obsession with short term sales results, this course will help them become acquainted with thinking long term and on all aspects of marketing. I highly recommend this course for all digital marketers."

Ankita Thakur

Head of Marketing, The Stakeholders Company,

"One of the most insightful and extremely relevant marketing courses available. Great intro to marketing fundamentals; very thorough, well organised, and easy to grasp. Filled with practical knowledge and real life examples for you to apply the learnings into your current roles. Highly recommended for people with limited marketing experience and those switching industries."


Basics of marketing that no one teaches you.

I’ve been a marketer in every capacity for the last 17 years. I’ve seen marketing be political, psychological, social, scientific and sometimes just a gut feeling. 

To be good at marketing, you have to be a good marketer, everyday. You need to learn more things than included in your job description. Things about people, processes, trends, and yourself.

I break down these problems and decode them one workshop at a time!


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