Content Assembly Line

Learn how top brands & creators repeatedly produce killer content 

Every secret unraveled in just 3 hours.




Instruction Mode: On-demand Videos

Price: US$100

Unravel the secrets!

Everything I teach, I learnt by building brands and my own business

What we'll cover:

Learn my simple 3 step-process to put your content creation game on steroids!

Rich Sourcing

To overcome the fear of a blank page when you start ideating

Learn about the sources that provide never-ending inspiration for continuous ideation.

Tactical Crafting

To avoid ruining good ideas with poor execution

A process that will help you turn good ideas into great ones, so they perform better.

Shameless Replugging

To remove burnout from the content creation process       

Keep the hungry algorithms well-fed without boring your audience by repurposing.

  • Creating content is the most draining part of your day
  • Sympathy likes from friends and colleagues is all the engagement you get
  • Creating content for social, doesn't come naturally to you as it does to some people  
  • You feel your content isn’t helping the brand or business  
  • You’re embarrassed to let others know you’re behind the content

This course will take you on a journey 

Coming up with content ideas constantly is really hard  >>>  I have endless sources of inspiration to come up with ideas

I feel my best ideas falling flat and nobody engages  >>>  I know how to craft my ideas so they stand the best chance of doing well

I don't know how to repurpose good ideas without sounding repetitive >>>  I repurpose my best ideas effortlessly.

Most importantly:

Content creation becomes fun! (as it should be)



You're a marketing professional responsible for your brand's content directly or indirectly


You're a founder with a keen interest in content to help your business succeed

Social Media Pros

You're a brand's social media person who's career progression depends on the content you create

Budding Creators

Content creation excites you and you want to get better. But it doesn't come naturally to you

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  • 2005 - Started as a marketing professional.
  • '05-2019 - Lived in 3 countries and worked on over 100 brands since. Hopped from Saatchi & Saatchi to Ogilvy to Grey to VMLYR doing strategy.
  • 2019 - Creator journey started. Had to unlearn and relearn a lot to succeed. 
  • 2019 - Started my own company - to consult brands and teach marketing. 
  • 2020 - Launched my first course on Strategic Marketing. 
  • 2019 to 2022 - Created thousands of content pieces across platforms, consulted MNC brands and startups and taught hundreds of students. 
  • 2022 - Launching my second course to share these learnings - Content Assembly Line

Join me!

Why me?

Marketer x Founder x Creator = ME!

This is the advantage I have over most marketing teachers. 

Marketer me has handled hundreds of brands of all sizes across demographics, built brands ground up and used content creation for actual sales. 

Creator Me is a doer. It’s how I learnt the tricks of social media for each channel.

Founder me struggled to get seen. My desperation to survive  turned my business into a success. 

Now I'm ready to share with you everything I've learned. 

Yes, EVERYTHING minus the BS.

Ready to learn how to create killing content on repeat?

Instruction Mode: On-demand videos

Introductory Price: US$100

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